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Awards Evening 2016


On Wednesday 13th July we held our Annual Awards Evening. Winners were chosen by the class teachers in a range of categories inlcuding English, Maths, Computing, Creative, Sports, Best Behaved, Helping Hands and the LEAD award. Each winner was awarded a cerificate.


Here are some of our amazing winners: 











The final award - The Citizenship Trophey is awarded to 2 year 6's who have shown themselves to be good all round citizens of our school throughout the time they have been with us.


This years winners were Evie and Nathan





Big Sing 2016


Every year our amazing choir get to show their talents at the Nottinghamn City Schools Big Sing Event, held at The Albert Hall in Nottingham. Songs sang this year were Jesse Glynn's 'Hold my Hand' and 'Fight Song' originally sang by rachael Patten. Despite technical difficulties the choir sounded amazing and were a credit to our school.





Big Day 2016


Wednesday 25th of May was our annual Big Day. On Big Day we take over the adults in the school. First we wrote a letter to the member of staff we wanted to be.



I chose to be Mrs Lang and to work in the office.



Payton also chose to be in the office she was Miss Stewart.



Destiny and Jack were working in Saplings.




Samual and Channelle was Mrs Flecher and Mrs Lever.



Leiarna, Ryan and Rhyile worked in Juniper.





Madison and Aliyah became Miss Copley and Mr Gade.




Chelsey and Ollie were working in Chestnut.




Ethan was Miss Morley and Leann, Miss Onions




Nathan worked in Alder with Miss Edwards.



Storm and Jasih worked in Elm.




Joseph was Mr Fletcher and Shelby, Miss Annakin.






Kaci and Sam worked in Oak




Isabel was Mr Sayles.



Mckeal, Evie and Josh worked with Mrs Sulley in the kitchen




At breaktime we all had a proper grown up break in a proper staff room with tea and biscuits.





Every one really enjoyed Big Day. Heres what some of us said :-


Payton: 'It was amazing working with Miss Stewart and Miss Hill'


Chelsey: 'I think that it was amazing'


Evie 'It was really fun'


Riley 'Fun! Fun! Fun! It was awsome!'


Kayleigh 'It was amazing working with Mts Lang'


Leann 'I enjoyed working with the younger children'




By Kayleigh W



Queens Birthday Lunch


On Thursday 19th May we had a special 'pincic lunch' to celebrate The Queens 90th Birthday.


Because of the unpredictable English weather we held our picnic lunch inside.


The Hall was decked out in Union Jack Flags and bunting




We even drank out of Union Jack cups




We said 'Happy Birthday', gave three cheers and drank a toast to The Queen




Everyone enjoyed their Queens Birthday 'Picnic Lunch'






Viking Visit


On Tuesday 3rd May we had a visit from a real live Viking - His name was Nijal.


We found Nijal in the Key stage 2 hall fast a sleep in his tent.



Nijal told us all about the Vikings, we made a map of the UK and Nijal showed us where the Vikings invaded.



We made a Viking longship




We learnt how to mak a fire using a flint




We looked at Viking weaponary




We used them to invade the monasteries




We had an amazing day with Nijal and learnt lots of interesting things about Vikings.








Easter Parade


Friday 1st of April was the last day of term. To celebrate that and Easter we held an Easter Parade.


All the children made Easter themed items both in class and at home, there was every thing from hats, masks, banners, t-shirts and full outfits to cakes and baskets.


They then paraded them in front of the school.


Our judges, Miss Alvey, Mrs Marsh and Mrs Eden-Smith chose a winner from each class.



Here are some of the amazing creations














Sports Relief


Friday 18th March was Sports Relief, to raise money we held a sports themed non-uniform day and took part in a dance-a-thon.


Each class chose a dance to perform on stage.




Willow chose 'The Birdy Song'





Juniper danced to 'Jump and Freeze'





Beech chose 'The Cha Cha Slide'





Chestnut wanted to dance to 'Saturday Night'



Hazel chose 'YMCA'




Alder danced along to 'Superman'




Elm chose to dance to '5678'




Birch chose 'Whip Ne Ne'




Oak danced to 'The Macarena'




Sycamore chose to dance to 'Tragedy'






Whilst each class performed their dance on stage the rest of the school joined in.














Can you tell from the pictures which dances they are doing?





World Book Day


March the 3rd was world book day, as well as looking at books written by David Walliams our children were given the choice to come to school dressed as their favourite book character.


We had Snowhwhite and superheros galore





Minions, cheerleaders, Darth Vader, Super Mario, Disney princesses and Wally




Mary Poppins', Alice in Wonderlands, Willy Wonkas and our very own Queen of Hearts' and King Arthur






Cultural Week


Every year we have cultural week – where we spend a whole week learning about another culture. This year we learnt about Islam.



During this week we took part in lots of activities in school to help us understand more about the Muslim religion.



We painted our hands in the Mehndi style





We had a Bollywood Dance Workshop






We also went on visits.


Some classes went on a tram to Hyson Green, an area known in Nottingham for its cultural diversity and high Muslim population



Whilst in Hyson Green we saw lots of different Mosques




...and even visited an Indian dress shop



We saw lots of Indian Sweet shops.


When we got back to school we made our own Indian Sweets.








Other classes visited a local Mosque



We tried on some traditional clothes




We were shown some religeous artefacts



We looked at the Muslim holy book called the Kuran



We learnt that you have to wash your hands and feet in the Wudu Area before you pray







Here’s what some of the staff thought of Cultural Week...........



'We enjoyed teaching the children all about the cultural differences'


'Visits both in and out of school give children a real experience and enrich their learning'




Here's what some of the pupils thought...........


'I enjoyed the Indian dancing as I had never done it before'



'I really enjoyed looking at the culturally different shops'



'Mosques have different entrances for men and woman – I didn’t know that!'



'I learned that Muslims wash before they pray'



'I enjoyed going to the Mosque and learning about what Muslims do there'



'I really enjoyed the Indian dancing – it was funny'








Bollywood Dancing


As part of our cultural week we had a go at Bollywood Dancing.


Two Bollywood Dance Specialists came in to teach us some moves.






We dressed in traditional Bollywood Dance clothes





We learnt a Bollwood dance and performed it in an assembly at the end of the day.








The Wonderdome


Monday 18th January was a very exciting day in Key Stage 2 we had the amazing Wonderdome in school.


Each class took their turn to visit the dome, which was a huge inflatable classroom. We entered through a zip up doorway.




Inside the dome it was very dark, Irena the Astronomer showed us lots of interseting things.



Irena told us all about our Solar System, a picture of the Solar System was projected onto the roof of the dome.



Irena told us about all the different planets in our solar system.



Some are rock planets  







                                                Like Earth







and Mars

Others are gas planets  







Like Jupiter






and Saturn



We then learnt about the stars and all the different constallations. The roof of the dome looked the night sky.




Irena gave us some home work - to look for the constallation of Orion.










The best way to see it is to look for 3 stars in a line - this is known as orions belt.



Orion can only be seen in our skies between October and February. Next time you are out on a clear night see if you can find Orion.







The Glapton Academy's Awards Ceremony


On Wednesday 15th July our 1st awards evening was held. Each winner was awarded a cerificate. Winners were chosen by the class teachers in a range of categories inlcuding Author of the Year, Mathematician of the Year and Best Behaved Class Member. Here are all our amazing winners:  









Showtime 2015


Every year the classes in upper Key Stage 2 put on an end of year show. This years theme was 'Through The Decades.'



Each class performed 3 well known songs from their chosen decade and even asked the audience to sing along with one of the songs.


Birch Class chose the 1970's and opened the show with amazing renditions of Abba's 'Waterloo',  Queens 'Crazy Little Thing Called love'and along with the audience, 'Build Me Up Buttercup' by the Foundations.


Elm Class performed classics from the 1980's with Queen's 'We Will Rock You', Survivors 'Eye of the Tiger', in which they showed us some excellent dance moves and joined by the audience Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing'


The 1990's was Oak Class' choice singing Green Day's 'Good Riddance (Time of your Life)', Take That's 'Back For Good' and along with the audience 'Bring It All Back' originally by S Club 7.


Sycamore Class closed the show with songs from the Noughties to the present day singing a bit of reggae with Jason Mraz's 'Yours', their own version of 'Up' originally by Ollie Murrs and Demi Lovato and with the audience Bruno Mars' 'The Way You Are'.



National Space Centre



On Wednesday 10th June, some children from Elm, Birch and Oak visited The National Space Centre in Leicester to help us to learn more about our solar system, outer space and space exploration. We had a fantastic day and learnt lots of new interesting information about our topic ‘Planet Rocks’ Here are some pictures of us throughout the day.




               Here is William, presenting the weather                   Miss Alvey's group outside the

                        in the weather pod                                          huge Earth model



                Joseph practising his laser                    Josh & Riley trying to ensure they had enough

                       shooting skills.                             water, air & food to survive a space mission.



          Watching the History of Space Exhibition.                Isabel as a real life astronaut


The first boys on the moon!


The boys inside a replica of Columbus - a science laboratory

that is part of the International Space Centre.





Big Day


Every year, the week after SATs, the children in year 6 take part in Big Day. Big Day is when everyone in year 6 is a member of staff for the morning. Each child wrote an application letter to the member they would like to be. If their application is successful they become that member of staff for the morning and work alongside them.


I was Mrs Lang and worked in the office 



    Abhinav was Mr Sayles 


   Darren was Mrs Wass and worked in Saplings 




           Dante and Ryan were Miss Eastwood and Miss Hobbs in Oak Class



Harry and Alston were Miss Alvey in Elm Class



   Matthew was Mrs Fletcher in Beech Class


Chloe was Mrs Fielder and helped with the year 2 SATs


Armarnai and Nyle worked in the kitchen baking cookies for lunch



At breaktime we had our own staffroom with tea, coffee, squash and biscuits


We all had an amazing morning learning lots of new things. My favourite part was writing about Big   Day, taking the photographs and putting them on the website.


Aaron M Year 6 




Key Stage 1 trip to Perlethorpe


On Wednesday 28th January 2015, the children in Key Stage 1 visited Perlethorpe Education Centre as part of their Victorian topic, Children Should be Seen and not Heard.


The children dressed as real victorian children


Some of the boys dressed as rich Victorians in sailor suits whilst some were poorer Victorians dressed in smocks and cloth caps.



The Girls dressed in a cap and apron



The classroom was amazing as it had real Victorian desks and artefacts.




The boys all sat on one side of the room. The girls sat on the other side of the classroom. We were taught how to behave like Victorian children.







After our lesson, we did some Victorian exercise. Victorian children did not do P.E. like we do. Instead they would march in order to exercise.



After the marching, we had a Victorian playtime. It was great fun playing with the old fashioned toys and games. like....


  ....a wooden cup and ball


.... a Jacobs Ladder 



....marbles and a bat and ball


....and toy soldier skittles



We had a fantastic day being Victorians and learnt a lot about life during the reign of Queen Victoria.





















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