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Things we are working on

We are always working on trying to get better in lots of areas.

Here are the main ones we are working on at the moment:





Improving Attendance


We have been working hard this half term to improve attendance. A group of children with the most improved attendance were awarded with an Easter Egg Hunt.


The children were put into teams and given their bags to decorate.




When the bags were all decorated.......






........the hunt could begin





When all the eggs had been found the children took part in a chocolate themed quiz.


If you work hard to improve your attendance you to could join in with these special rewards.





Table Manners


The student council came up with the 'Come Dine With Me' experience to help improve children’s’ behaviour and manners at lunchtime.


Children can earn ‘Come Dine With Me’ tokens. Each class has its own cup in which the tokens are put, at the end of the week one token is pulled out from every class. The winners sit on the grand ‘Come Dine With Me’ table. These tables are supervised by excellent members of the student council.


Here some children are enjoying our ‘Come Dine With Me Experience.’



We asked the children what they thought of the experience.

Here is what some of them said:-


Positive responses

‘I have never drank out of a fancy cup.’ Eva


‘I like how the table looks posh.’ Kirah and Isobel


‘I enjoyed using a napkin to wipe my mouth.’ Chelsey



Suggested improvements

‘More children to be chosen each week from every class

so that tables are bigger and more children have a chance’ Alfie


Bigger chairs and more tables so that children can spread

out as the tables are squishy and the chairs are tiny.’ Kirah





Perfect Presentation Award


Well done to the following chidren who have worked hard to improve thier presentation within English this week:


Corey F2

Theo Y2

Libby Y2

Keira Y2

Zayne Y5


This term, we are all working very hard to earn the 'Perfect Presentation Award'. Each week one child from each class will be chosen that has greatly improved the presentation of their work. The Student Council will present each child with a special certificate each Friday.


At Glapton, we follow a cursive handwriting script. This is how children should be forming their letters. Please use this to help you.





Do you want to improve your presentation and make it perfect? Click below to get some extra practise!







The Department for Education have released new guidelines for attendance. Below are what the new guidelines are in relation to attendance thresholds. We are commited to raising attendance figures and expect every child to maintain a figure above 96%.


Below is a copy of the letter sent to all parents regarding the government expectations and thresholds


Attendance letter September 2015




Investors in Pupils




A couple of years ago we were the first school in Nottingham to be accredited the Investors in Pupils Award. After a couple of years schools have to apply to be re-accredited. Please click the link below to see how we are working towards this.




Developing a love of writing....

The week beginning the 3rd of February was a very exciting week in our school.  It was our annual Literary Festival.  This week aims to help children to develop a love of writing through lots of exciting experiences.  Each classroom was transformed into something different in order to give the children as many different experiences as possible. 


Willow was transformed into Under The Sea.



A rocket appeared in Juniper so that the children could go on a mission to space.


Beech turned into a desert island with a shipwrecked pirate ship. 


Chestnuts turned into a jungle with a campsite. 


Hazel turned into a toy factory. 


Alder turned into a spooky castle. 


Elm was transformed into the Wild, Wild West. 


Birch changed into an amazing circus.


Oak turned into a very cold winter wonderland.


And a time travelling Tardis appeared in Sycamore to take the children on lots of adventures. 


The children moved into a different classroom each day and were therefore given many different opportunities for writing.  The children have been using their imaginations and have written amazing stories, newspaper reports, non-fiction books, leaflets, postcards, letters and wanted posters.


As well as this, we had 3 authors visit throughout the week to work with all of the classes. 


On Tuesday, we had a book quiz which the whole school took part in.  St David and St George both came out on top with a massive 70 points but after a tie break – St David were our champions!




Improving attendance

We are constantly working on improving our attendance. So that we can ensure your child makes excellent progress, we need them to be in school every day, on time.

Children with 100% attendance will be rewarded each half term. Weekly rewards will also be given to classes with excellent attendance.


100% Attendance Winners


Congratulations to the following children who came to school on time everyday for the whole of the academic year 2015-2016: Ruby R, Abigail L, Freya W, Lucas H, Evelyn L, Amelia D, Olivia W, Harvey S, Callum W, , Nathan B, Payton C, Aliyah-Zylyn G, Riley O.



Congratulations to the following children who came to school on time everyday for the whole of the academic year 2014-2015: Faith L, Nathan B, Callum W, Chloe C, Chloe J, Matthew P.



Learning to try our best in everything ...

Each week a child from each class is chosen to be in our merit book. This book is a record of the children who have worked extra specially hard that week. They are given a round of applause by all the children in assembly and a post card gets sent home to parents to tell them we are proud of them.


Here are some of our most recent merit winners:


Saplings class


Willow class Willow F, Charlie K
Juniper class Oliver B, Kaci-Jaye F
Beech class Mason C, Phoebe W
Chestnut class Romeo C, Lexia M
Hazel class Keira D, Cameron E-B
Alder class Kendra M,
Elm class Olivia F, Logan E-B, Elize H
Birch class Alexia D, Zac M
Oak class Priya N, Marcus T
Sycamore class Lexie F, Charlie M
Rowen Class Talia W, Colby S




Learning to take pride in our school....


Our reception is an art gallery to show case the beautiful work our children have provided.




























































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