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We have children come to Glapton from the time they are 3 years old until they are 11 and ready to go to Secondary school.

Our school is organised into 2 parts: the Early Years Phase and Key Stage Two.


Early Years Phase


The Early Years Phase is the lower part of our school.


Children from 3 to 7 work in this part of the school.


The children are formally assessed twice in this phase; once at the end the the Early Years Foundation Stage and again at the end of Key Stage One.


The Early Years Foundation Stage is made up of our Nursery age children, F1, and our Reception age children, F2.


Key Stage One is made up of Year One and Year Two.


Our Early Years Phase classes are: Saplings, Willow, Juniper, Beech and Chestnut. We also have some Year 2 children in our Hazel class.


Sapling class is for our F1 age children.

Willow and Juniper classes are for our F2/Y1 age children.

Beech class is for our Year 1 children

Chestnut class is for our Y2 age children.


Mrs Bettles is in charge of overseeing the staff and children in the Early Year Phase.

The Early Years Phase members of staff are: Mrs Smith and Mrs Wass in Saplings, Miss Bland, Miss Smith and Mrs Wood in Willow, Miss Onions, Mrs Stothert, Miss Davis and Miss Smith in Juniper, Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Lever in Beech, Mrs Fielder and Miss Miller in Chestnut.



Key Stage Two


Our Key Stage Two children work in our upper school.


The children range from 7 to 11 years old.


Key Stage Two is made up of Year Three, Year Four, Year Five and Year Six.


The children are formally assessed at the end of Key Stage Two, in Year Six.


Our Key Stage Two classes are: Hazel, Alder, Elm, Birch, Oak and Sycamore.


Hazel class has a mixture of Y2/Y3 age children.

Alder class has Year 3 age children.

Elm, Birch and Oak classes have Y4/Y5 age children.

Sycamore is our Year 6 class.


Mrs Bancroft and Miss Johnson are in charge of overseeing the staff and children in Key Stage Two.

The Key Stage Two members of staff are: Miss Herd and Miss Shenton in Hazel, Miss Edwards and Mrs Akbar in Alder, Miss Alvey and Miss Wiltshire in Elm, Miss Annakin and Mrs Brown in Birch, Miss Eastwood and Miss Hobbs in Oak and Miss Johnson, Mr Ransford and Miss Haynes in Sycamore.









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