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Parent Governors:
Caroline Allen

Micheal Litchfield

Chris Ellis

Mrs Bancroft


James Strawbridge
David Howe

Nick Ydlibi


Justine Roberts


Each school has a ‘Governing Body’. Our Governing Body is made up of people from this community; some parents with children at the school, some interested citizens without children here.

The governors work together with the head teacher to serve your best interests and ensure that the school keeps up to standards. We have regular meetings where different issues and ideas are discussed.

Throughout the year the governors visit school, monitor the school improvement plan, review policies, set pupil performance targets and oversee the annual budget.

Our governors want to help make Glapton the best school possible. They are interested in everything, from the clubs we offer for children, to courses we run for parents and the visits we take our children on.


Chair and Vice Chair

Our Chair of Governors is Nick Ydlibi.

Our Vice Chair is James Strawbridge.


The Governors have a full board meeting each term and then meet in smaller groups for committee meetings.


There are two committees: Strategic Direction, Pupils and Personnel Committee

                                      Finance and General Purpose Committee


The governors will also at times create smaller subgroups to look into different aspects of school development.


The minutes of Governing Meetings are available upon request from the School Office.



Pupil Premium Grant Expenditure:

Report to Parents: 2015-2016   Plans for 2016-2017


P.E and Sport Funding Expenditure:

Report to Parents: 2013-2014       2014-2015      2015-2016   Plans for 20162017



Lead Multi Academy Trust Company Accounts


Local Governing Body Terms of Reference


Register of Interests - Governors 2015-2016



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