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Our curriculum is divided into termly topics. For each topic there is a main subject and a subsidiary subject. The subjects covered changes with each topic so that over the cycle every subject has been taught.

A few weeks before the start of a new topic the teacher will introduce the topic to the children and ask them what they already know about it and what they would like to find out. These ideas are then used in the planning of the topic and for the child initiated activities.

We have planned the curriculum so that the same main subjects are being covered by every year group across the school to enable monitoring and progression.


Reading Writing Numeracy Topic SEND

Special Educational Needs


SEN - A child has SEN if he/she has a difficulty that calls for additional support to be made.


The School considers the following four areas :-


  1. Cognition and Learning
  2. Social, Emotional and Mental Health
  3. Sensory and Physical Needs
  4. Communication and Interaction Needs


We have in place a comprehensive Special Needs and Disability Policy which is designed to support all children through a variety of learning difficulties in mainstream education, right from Nursery through to Year 6. If additional provision is required in order to support a Special Educational Need, then children are placed on the SEN support register. Progress and attainment are carefully monitored





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