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After School Clubs


Afterschool clubs a many and varied with everything from football to multi sports, choir to recorders and board games to arts and crafts. Clubs are ran most days afterschool from 3.15 till 4.00 for KS1 and till 4.15 for KS2. Clubs change every half term with new time table released on the first day back after a break. Application forms are available from the office in an afternoon only and need to be returned by the Thursday of the first week back so names can be put into a hat and places allocated.


After School Clubs Autumn 1 2016





Seedlings Mother and Toddler Group


Welcome to Seedlings Playgroup (0-5).

Every Tuesday Morning 9am – 11am

Glapton Academy KS1 Hall


Description: 10723596_10152766316719493_2129709884_n.jpg


Free admission

Drinks and snacks available at a small cost.

Local mums run playgroup, we also have children at the school

Vicky Giles – 07973781376

Vicky Sansom – 07983130464

Helpers Kerry Sansom and Jacky Anne Fleming


We do lots of exciting things. Click on the link below to see what we are doing this term.


Activity Schedule September 2016 to December 2016



Everyone is welcome just turn up and enjoy.







School Football Team 2016-2017


Tuesday 20th September was the first game of the new year for the school football team.

There opponants were a visiting Crossdale Primary.





It was, as always with Crossdale, a close fought game with Glapton being the victors this time.



Final Score: Glapton 1 - 0 Crossdale



LEAD Athletics


On Monday 18th July our year 5 & 6 children joined nearly 1000 other children from LEAD schools to compete in the annual athletics event held at Harvey Hadden Stadium.


They competed in a number of different events:-


sprints 80m 100m 120m 150m

600m long distance


shot putt


long jump

high jump

triple jump


Points were awarded in each events with a winning school announced at the very end.


A massive well done to all our year 5's & 6's who finished in an amazing FIRST place overall.








Sports Day 2016


Our Sports days this year were split in to two with KS1 and Hazel Class on Tuesday 12th of July and KS2 on Wednesday 13th.


The weather for our little ones from the start did not look very promising and unfortunately the rains came down, however try as it might it didn't dampen the enthusiasm and although a little shorter than planned the show definatley went on with each child competing at least once.












Medals were awarded fro 1st place





The day of the KS2 Sports Day didn't start off much better with the weather trying its best to dappen spirits, however apart from the first few minutes the rain stayed away and the games began. Lots of races were held including running - short and distance, sack race egg and spoon race and the Javelin and with a full programme of events each child competed at least twice.

















The final 4 events were the most competive of the day


The dads race.....                                          the mums race......



the female staff race.....                              and the male staff race.....



The points over both days were added up


In 4th place with 102 points.......  St Andrew

In 3rd place with 114 points.......  St David

In 2nd place with 125 points......  St George


and the winners with 130 points...........

                                 .........   St Patrick


Mr Wood presented the winning team captain with a trophy


Despite the weather everyone had a great time.



Some thoughts and comments from the day


'the teachers racing was great'


'Best Sports Day ever'


'Loved taking part with the kids'


'Its obvious everyone really enjoyed it win or lose'


'Great atmosphere - best yet'




Art Gallery 2016


On the 29th and 30th of June we held our annual Art Gallery in the KS1 hall.



All the children in our school produced 2 pieces of art work for display. Art work was produced in lots of diferent styles and mediums.









We even had some 3D art.









Euros Celebration Football Tournement


Thursday 23rd was the day of our first annual football tournement. The weather was very kind dry but not to warm and rain free. There were 8 teams competing for the chance to be tournement winners.


The teams were:



                           Ambleside Primary                                      Heymann Primary



                             Hogarth Academy                                      Melbury Academy



                          Middleton Primary                                     Robert Shaw Primary



And of course our very own A and B teams




The standard of football was extremely high with some close fought games played.


Here are some shots of the day........














And the winners were..............

                                                                                                     ................. Middleton Primary


A huge congratulationd go to Middleton Primary and all the other teams who took part.








Glaptons Got Talent 2015



Wednesday 15th June was the night of our annual 'Glaptons Got Talent' event and the acts this year were as good as always.


We had guitarists, dancers, singers, skippers and much more.




Our judges were Mr Wood, Mrs Handley and Mrs Dyer, after watching all the wonderful acts they had to choose 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners from these amazing acts.......



'The Bratz' were Megan, Priya, Hermione & Eliza who sang and danced to Hold my hand by Jess Glynn


Dancing & singing to little mix's Black magic were 'Jazz Girls' Kelsey, Ellie-Mai & Olivia.


Evie played guitar beautifully and sang Noel Gallaghers Live Forever

Angella performed Fight Song originally sang by Rachel Patten


'Girls Rock' were Scarlet, Tia Amiyah & Rosie who sang and danced to Cup Song from the film Pitch Perfect

Olivia danced amazingly to Jesse J's Bang Bang


Ellie-May beautifully sang Ellie Gouldings How Long Will I Love You


'Summer Star' was Elise, who did a lovely dance to Summer Paraise by Simple Plan


Drew was 'Rocky Boy' and did a mind blowing skipping routine to Eye of the Tiger

Alicia did an amazing dance to basement Jacks' Red Alert




The whole show was held together by our very own 'Ant & Dec' Isabel and Ryan.



Whilst the back stage crew, Nathan, Bailey, Kaci-Leigh, McKeal and Joseph, kept the show running smoothly working sound, lights music and props.



After some deliberation the winners were anounced.........


3rd place ............ Girls Rock


2nd place............ Evie



and in 1st place..................................... ROCKY BOY!!!!



                                                Who will win next year???


                                                                                         Will it be you???






The Clifton Schools Football League


The school football team took part in The Clifton Schools Football competion. Games were played afterschool on Thursdays at the South Notts College on Farnborough Road.



The boys played some really good football








They won 11 out of the 13 games played, were the top scoring team in the league and finished the competition as runners up.


Position Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 South Wilford 10 10 0 0 34 6 28 30
2 Glapton 11 9 0 2 37 15 22 27
3 Blessed Robert 10 5 1 4 24 19 5 16
4 Highbank 8 3 1 4 10 14 -4 10
5 Whitegate 10 2 2 6 22 36 -14 8
6 Milford 8 1 1 6 8 18 -10 4
7 Dovecote 11 1 1 9 10 37 -27 4


Well done to all the boys.






Tag Rugby Match V Hogarth Academy


On a cold january afternoon a team of year 5 & 6 children took on a team from The Hogarth Academy in a vey exiting Tag Rugby match.



It was a closely fought battle, with both teams scoring tries.











The final score ....... The Glapton Academy 9 - 11 Hogarth Academy


Well done to both teams.





Friendship Stop Design


Each playground has a Friendship Stop which is a place where children can go if they don't have anyone to play with. Other children will see them there and as them if they want to play. We held a competition to design the new stop signs. Here are our fabulous winners.



                          Well done, Marli                                                                     ...and CJ


Nottingham In Bloom


Well done to two of our pupils, Charlie Moran and Mollie Mae Hallam, who have been awarded 1st prize in the East Midlands in Bloom art competition.



                 by Charlie                                                                                        by Mollie-Mae






Sports Day 2015


We tried a new style Sports Day this year. The school was split into three - KS1, lower KS2 & upper KS2 and were held over three days. The morning of Thursday 16th July saw upper KS2 compete with lower KS2 in the afternoon of the same day. Each child had at least 2 races from 5 events and parents came along to watch and cheer.


The 5 events were:


The 50 metre sprint.....





The egg and spoon race.....










Skipping ......










The obstacle race.....









and finally the 200 metre run.....












On Friday 17th July it was the turn of KS1. Again children competed in at least 2 races from 5 events.


The 5 events were


The 50 metere sprint........



The egg and spoon race......










The balancing a bean bag walking race........








The obstacle race.....




and finally the 100 meter race......








Annual Art Gallery and Art Competition 2015


On the 29th and 30th of June we held our annual Art Gallery in the KS1 hall.



All the children in our school produced 3 pieces of art work in every medium.













There was even some 3D art......







A winning artist was chosen from each class and were awarded a fabulous arty prize and certificate.


The winners were :




           Saplings Morning : Cleo            Saplings afternoon : Harry              Willow : Bethany



                    Juniper : Ella                        Beech : Kaiden                     Chestnut : Scarlet



                Hazel : Steven                         Alder : Reeve                          Elm : Nathan



                   Birch : Veila                            Oak : Shelby                     Sycamore ; Dante





Glaptons Got Talent 2015


.......and it certainly has.


Wednesday 3rd June was the night of our annual 'Glaptons Got Talent' event and the acts this year certainly didn't disappoint


We had pianists, dancers, magicians, singers, gymnasts and much more.


Our judges were Ms Ellis, Miss Johnson and Mrs Fielder and after watching all the wonderful acts they had to choose 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.




Our 'Ant & Dec' were Alston and Phoebe who did a fantastic job keeping the show flowing and entertaining us all with their one liners and banter.




            'The Perfect Pair', Chelsea and Madison             'Uptown Girl' dancers Evie & Katie

          performed a unique singing and cup routine      performed their own dance to Bruno Marrs'

           called 'The Cup Song' from Pitch perfect.                        'Uptown Funk'



      'Flexible Girl' Lara showed she was true to her    'The Rock Star' Arlen put down some moves

       name with a toe curling display of Gymnastics                 to Bruno Marrs' Uptown funk

                              to music



              Magicians Matthew and Cole were            'Boogie Girl' Amelia really did boogie on down

         'The Mini Mo's' and Showed us some mind       to Michael Jackson's 'Blame it on the Boogie'

                       boggling card tricks


Pianist Harry performed an amazing rendition

of Sam Smith's 'Stay with me'



         'Singing Cats' Nyah & Elize sang brilliantly      'Queeblecop' better known as Ollie Beatboxed

                to Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space'                his way through Bruno Marrs' 'Uptown Funk'



       'Twos Harmony' Ryan & Isabel were definately     Gorgeous ballet dancers Lily & Caitlin were

         in harmony with their performance of 'Up'      'The Ballet Princesses' and danced a beautiful

                   by Ollie Murrs & Demi Levato                          routine to 'Fille Mal Gardee'


'The Jazz' were Trinity, Molly & Ellie-Mai.

Trinty wrote and sang her own song 'You Broke My Heart'

whilst Molly & Ellie-Mai accompanied her on stage and danced beautifully.


After much deliberation the winners were announced......


In joint 3rd were The Perfect Pair and The Jazz

In 2nd place was Pianist Harry


and the winner was......... 


                                                                                            The Ballet Princesses


None of this could have been possible without our amazing stage back stage crew......


Lighting - Aaron

Props - Flynn & Chloe

Music - Caryhs & Bailey













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