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'Take the L.E.A.D' Award

This year we are launching ‘Take the L.E.A.D’ scheme in school. We want the children to develop leadership skills that allow them to take responsibility for themselves, others and their environment.


The scheme outlines specific roles and responsibilities that children in each year group must undertake in order to ‘Take the L.E.A.D’ in school and within the wider community.  .


There are various strands which cover different areas of the curriculum: These are as follows:


  • Music

  • Culture

  • Communities and Beliefs

  • Nature and Environment

  • Sport

  • Outdoor Education

  • Citizenship


All classes will ‘Take the L.E.A.D’ on a daily basis to complete mini tasks that encourage children to look after themselves and their environment. This will help prepare them for their future in modern Britain.


In addition to this, each half term, our Pupil Support Officer and Social Emotional Mentor are allocated time to work with different groups of children in school to complete work linked to the scheme.


In the back of each child’s topic book, is a page that showcases where they have taken the lead.


 Here are some children in our school busy taking the lead.



                                     Abbey is busy washing the paint pallets. 




                   Jack is being kind and is giving             Ivarni is helping to sort the

                              out the milk.                                          out books.


                                             Hollie is sharpening the crayons.



Click on the link Below  to see what your child could be doing


'Take the L.E.A.D' Scheme




Some of our Year 6 children lead ‘Tostadas.’ This is a club that takes place during morning break. The children take on different roles and responsibilities.



The children sort out the budget and work out prices with support from Miss Hobbs. They then also go to the supermarket and use money to pay for supplies. It is a very important job which may help the children to get real jobs in the future.


Here Leann is taking orders, Kaci is taking money and working out change and Isobel is busy buying her breakfast.                                     



Sports Leadership Scheme


Mr Sayles has been training some of the Year 5 and 6 children with how to play certain games. These children are taught a range of different skills and the rules of each game.




They are then able to play lead at lunchtime and manage a small group of younger children by helping them to play a game.



Nature and The Outdoor Environment


These children have been working hard outside with Mrs Brown. They have been taking care of our outdoor organic garden. They collected the tools that they needed and then persevered with the tricky weeds.


The gardeners selecting tools





                                                    Jasih pulling weeds out!


It was hard work but the children enjoyed getting the ground ready for planting.



Chelsey working hard with the spade to pull up the weeds.





Other Roles and responsibilities


These children led the catering for their parent sharing event in class. They worked hard to write recipes and ingredient lists. They collected the resources that they needed from the shop and paid for their items working out their change.


They then baked the biscuits and shared them with parents.





They were very proud of the tasty biscuits that they made!







The Gardeners do a variety of different jobs. Some weeks they may be preparing the soil ready for us to plant our seeds in. Another time they could be pulling up weeds or even making up hanging baskets. Each session is different but never boring!







We asked the gardeners a few questions. Below are the questions we asked and the children’s answers.


Do you like taking part in the citizenship gardening scheme?

Yes, because I like getting my hands dirty.      

Oliver D


Do you enjoy gardening?

Yes, because we are given fun, exciting and enjoyable jobs and sometimes we get muddy.    

Priya N


Is there anything you don’t like about your gardening role?

I don’t like getting muddy and sometimes wet by the watering hose.

Olivia L



Maths Mates


The Math Mates play fun, enjoyable and exciting maths games with younger KS1 children.




The younger children really enjoy playing the maths games because it helps them learn numeracy in a different and exciting manner.




We asked the maths mates if they enjoy their job.

      This is what they told us…


Tia W told us she enjoys her math mates job because she likes helping the younger children to learn numeracy.


I enjoy this job because I am making new friends from KS1 and it makes me feel grown up and responsible.   Rosie L


Plant Guardians


The Plant Guardians are responsible for watering all the indoor plants throughout the whole school.

We have a variety of plants and it is important each and every one of them is given a good watering, as it is one of the main factors plants need for them to stay alive and grow.


It is good to be a plant guardian because I want to help plants grow and to be responsibly and sensible enough to go into Ms Ellis’s office to water her plants!    Jacob M



Charlotte told us she enjoys the responsibility of watering the plants because she enjoys making sure the plants have

had a good drink and will not die.           Charlotte B-B




Web Designers


  CJ and Nyah are the web designer for Hazel class.



Click the link to see the pages they designed. Hazel Class Web Page



We have thought about each role and written a little write up explaining what the children do in that certain job/role.


Whilst the children were carrying out their roles we asked them some questions -

What job are they doing?

Do they enjoy it?

Is there anything they don’t like about their job?


As a web designer our ICT skills are very much put to the test, but this is fun and exciting and we always have Mrs Callaghan to ask to help us if we get stuck.


Mrs Callaghan asked us if we have enjoyed being web designer and if so, why?


Both of our replies was ‘yes’, we have enjoyed being web designers.

The reasons why is because we get to take photos of the other children taking part in the citizenship scheme, we then had the task of putting the photos onto the computer.

Another job we did was ask the children questions, this was really fun and we felt really grown up with given such a responsible job.

 With all this information we have collected we needed to put it all together and create the web pages. We are very pleased with the end results and hope you are too.

                                                                                  CJ E and Nyah S


































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